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[21 Dec 2003|04:03pm]

my friend Matt, his band has a show tonight at the epicenter in mira mesa 10 bucks at the door.
heres a link to his music.
The Great Awakening

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"READY!" [20 Dec 2003|03:45pm]


Dear Karma Krew,

We must have a community meeting, either through AOL/AIM or face to face. Please place a comment when it will be most convenient for you. Being Eric,bloody_sabotage, will be away until after Christmas, possibly the AOL/AIM chatroom will be most convenient for him. Welp just keep in mind that I and possibly others would like to start advertising the community.

Nina :]

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So tell me [18 Dec 2003|10:41pm]

I'm somewhat unclear about what I'm supposed to be doing here..I know I'm a "mod" and what not..but I'm still a lil confused >.< Just explain exactly what I'm covering and how you want it done..there is a lot I can do..lots of art to share..lots of sculptures..dance you name it..I can find it. I'm really excited about all of this..we should start advertising soon..let's just get everything straight..Alright looking forward to seeing all the beautiful things in store for us :P


hehehe [17 Dec 2003|10:06am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

hello to all and to all a good day... Lord of the Rings 3 came out today.. yipee! anyhoo... so chase and i might take up a project together. this project is going to test our ability as men to be able to work together, kill whitey, and drink prune juice! no, not really... chase and i might work together to modify the exhaust on my '69 fastback mustang so it has side exhaust (dual) with as little bends and curves as possible... our only restriction is money and the fact that we don't have an arch welder or a plasma cutter... DAMNIT! but hey, chase may be able to find some hook-ups... anyhoo... i love you all

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[16 Dec 2003|11:14am]
Everyone posted but me. I feel left out. So here I am in Econ... mentioning some meaningless stuff. I'm too cool for school beeayitch. She's returning cuz she says she's "the vixen". Ain't nuttin but a hoochie mama, hoodrat hoodrat hoochie mama. Sorry Eric, but you know...you have the ability to ignore this post.

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[15 Dec 2003|08:10pm]

art in the background is by a recent college graduate that is into graphic art, named Erin Lux. he posted his art on tourist2000. This preticular piece is called "Noose".
just thought it was cool!
I guess this community will be up and running, just some few minor kinks and we should get this show on the road.

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[15 Dec 2003|06:53pm]

Hi ho, Communty lets goooo!!!


ohhhhhhh yeeahhhhh!!! [15 Dec 2003|04:08pm]

what's up yall? just checking if this thing is up and running yet... we so 'sited!

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